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Weight Loss

weight lossThink Proper Nutrition, Not "Getting Thin"

Weight loss does not automatically improve health, as many fitness experts and nutritionists can tell you. Crash diets to make your body conform to some rail-thin "supermodel" look will damage your health, not improve it. You must determine the right weight for your age, body

type, and other factors, and then make lifestyle changes that safely and naturally support that weight level.

We are all individuals, and one size definitely does not fit all. We have seen patient after patient who came to our our Grangeville chiropractic office for help after trying weight loss on your own or from one of those cookie-cutter diet programs. Even when all factors appear equal on the surface, three different individuals may have three wildly different reactions to the same combination of diet, nutrition, and exercise. One person may benefit, another may experience no change at all, and the third may actually get larger!

To reach and maintain your ideal weight and health levels for decades to come, you need a program specially calibrated for your long-term physical needs. In other words, you need our Take Shape for Life program!

Take Shape for Life: A Lifestyle, Not a Diet

What is Take Shape for Life? It is a simple, two-phase program for helping you jump off the merry-go-round of poor nutrition, obesity, illness, and healthcare expense that so many Americans are currently riding. The first phase focuses on getting your weight down to the healthy level for your body type, and the second phase focuses on helping you stay there.

First, we will put you on a schedule of Medifast meal replacements for easy portion control, allowing you to lose two to five pounds per week safely. Then we will ease you into a new way of living through our maintenance plan of sound nutrition and regular exercise so you can own and maintain that healthy new body of yours for a lifetime. We know this transition can be challenging without help - so we give you that help, in the form of education, regular monitoring, personal coaching, and moral support.

If you want a personal testimonial for the effectiveness of Take Shape for Life, look no further than our own chiropractor, Dr. Loren Miller. In his first 30 days on the Take Shape for Life program, Dr. Miller lost a whopping 20 pounds - without experiencing any discomfort or disruption of his busy daily workload. Talk to him yourself and find out how simple and powerful this program is - and how well it can work for you.

Kick the diet "quick fix" and choose a Grangeville weight loss partner that can help you achieve a slimmer, happier life. Live longer, live better. We can make it possible, but only if you contact our chiropractic facility to get things started. Let our chiropractor get you started on the road to a new you!

So what are you waiting for? Call us right now at 208-820-4148 and get started today!