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Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Treatment and Massage Therapy is Not Just for Back Pain and Sports Injury

massage therapy

At A Quality Life Health Center in Grangeville, we offer a full range of chiropractic care options that can help you heal and improve your quality of life. Massage can be a valuable part of your treatment plan, providing relief from chronic pain or headaches, hastening a proper rehabilitation, or improving your quality of life in general.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Loren C. Miller, is a qualified pain-relief specialist who understands the mental and physical benefits of massage therapy. Our clinic provides professional massage therapy that addresses mental stress, poor sleep, bad temper, lack of concentration, and the inability to relax. Massage therapy can also improve skin and muscle tone, relieve tired or aching muscles, and reduce swelling.

Our patients who find relief from massage therapy include athletes, stressed-out workers, pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Anyone can benefit from massage therapy. Our exceptionally qualified professionals are fully committed to providing a wide range of wellness services, including massage, that foster proper healing and well-being.

Rehabilitation Related to Injuries, Headaches, Auto Accidents, Chronic Pain, and Back Pain

In addition to being a major path on the road to wellness, massage can be uniquely tailored to aid in any rehabilitation process, treat back pain, reduce tension headaches, and more. Whether recovering from an automobile accident injury, dealing with the chronic pain that accompanies systemic illness, or attempting to repair an injury, you will benefit from massage therapy that has been specifically designed for your situation. This may involve one or more levels of touch, blocking, adjustment, and repetition.

At A Quality Life Health Center, we can design a massage that targets injuries due to broken bones or mishaps, focuses on physical relaxation and calming the nervous system, or reduces the pain of tension headaches. Victims of automobile accidents may require additional types of massage, while other patients may require a massage specifically aimed at healing sports injury.

Rehabilitation from back surgery or chronic back pain may require stretching the connective tissue, improvement in muscle tone, loosening tight muscles, relief from spasms, and increased flexibility and range of motion, all of which can be achieved through proper massage techniques.

Rehabilitation from episodes of chronic pain or systemic illness can be aided by the lesser-known positive effects of massage including an increased red blood cell count, increased blood and lymph circulation, reduced heart rate, faster removal of metabolic waste and toxins, stimulation of the release of endorphins, and general strengthening of the immune system.

At A Quality Life Health Center, our chiropractor, Dr. Miller, delivers quality care and treatments to residents in and near the Grangeville area. We understand the many benefits and applications of massage therapy and often prescribe therapy to help relieve your pain and to help with rehabilitation. Dr. Miller will help to select the type and focus of your massage for maximum results. Please contact us at 208-820-4148 to learn more or schedule an appointment for a massage.