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We value our patients' experience at A Quality Life Health Center.

Dr. Loren C. Miller

I have an undifferentiated chronic, progressive, autoimmune disease that has caused unmanageable neurological pain and disabling fatigue. I have seen many Neurologists and have tried hundreds of medications over the past 20 years. It has been all about pain control and disease suppression rather than getting to the root cause. I was told long ago that a cure was not likely, so, I took my pills and tried to cope the best that I could. My life was nothing but pain and frustration until I met Dr. Miller!

I originally came to see Dr. Miller for a little bit of back pain relief, nothing more. I had very low expectations as I have learned the hard way not to expect too much from my doctors. I told Dr. Miller all about my illness on the phone one day. To my surprise, he seemed very knowledgable about my very rare neurological condition. I came in for my first appointment and he spent 2 hours evaluating me. How often does a Doctor spend more than ten minutes per appointment?

Dr. Miller asked me to give him one month to see an improvement in my health. He was so positive. that I couldn't help but start to get my hopes up a bit as well. So, here I am, just a few months later and I feel so much better! Much less pain, less neurological symptoms, better sleep, etc.

Dr. Miller is a remarkable man. He is knowledgeable, intuitive, persistent and infectiously positive! Dr. Miller is complimented by his great office assistants, Leeaura and Christy, lovely young ladies who are always very helpful, sweet and greet me with cheery smiles. The doctors' wife Kathy is a very kind and warm person. In addition to being thoughtful and positive, she is also very knowledgeable about nutrition, helping the doctor to educate me about good health and my gluten allergy. They never push me; instead they encourage me to push myself.

l have felt alone and without hope for so long. For the first time in decades. I am hopeful again and feel as if I am getting a helping hand to get back up on my feet again. I highly recommend this wonderful team! Thanks to all of you at A Quality Life Health Center.



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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "Dr. Miller is caring, compassionate and just wants to make people feel better. I have seen him bend over backwards to adjust his schedule to make sure someone else is feeling better."
    Matt S. Grangeville, ID


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